Rhoda Elizabeth also offers a bespoke design service, open to customising current designs and working on completely new commissions; any thing from altering colour-ways to creating a new, personalised wall mural.


Holly is the founder and designer behind Rhoda Elizabeth. She grew up in the Southwest countryside which has had a huge impact on her creativity and feeds her inspiration. Having graduated from Bath School of Art in 2013 she debuted her graduate collection at London Design Festival and now lives and works in the city.  

Artist Statement

I am intrigued by human nature with regards to how we interact, our sense of humour and what we appreciate, as well as gaining inspiration from the nature around us. My main purpose is to reveal the unexpected, enticing the viewer to look closer with intrigue. Through use of multi-dimensions I aim to take the viewer on a journey of discovery, evoking a unique, multi sensory experience. My practice is multidisciplinary, combining traditional and modern techniques, augmenting manipulation of the fabric surface and celebrating the properties of the materials. 


Holly has a conscious, ethical approach when designing, the aim is to create products that are comforting on a deeper level than just the physical finished article. Designs are printed in England, supporting local economies and helping to sustain traditional crafts. Fabrics used are carefully selected, such as cottons that are certified organic. As well as silks, grown and hand-woven in India, which are sustainably harvested from the wild so no insects are killed. Both are made under fair and safe working conditions that must comply with the Code of Conduct as contained in the Global Organic Textile Standards. The wallpaper is digitally printed in the outskirts of London using environmentally friendly inks.